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The World Cup is coming to North America in 2026!

  • Houston is one of seventeen (17) U.S. cities bidding for the ten (10) available spots.
  • This is an enormous opportunity for Houston: hundreds of thousands of visitors, hundreds of millions of dollars for our city, enhancing our city’s global brand, create legacy programs to leave a lasting impact on the community.
  • Should Houston win the bid, the city would host up to 6 games over a month’s span.
  • We are aggressively pursuing this opportunity and leaving no stone unturned in our quest for the 2026 FIFA World Cup.
  • We need your help raising awareness about Houston’s bid, engaging the community, generating buzz, and raising money to help bring the “World’s Game” to our city!

In our efforts to raise awareness and money for  Houston’s World Cup Bid, we are launching the “Art of Soccer” campaign.

  • Similar to the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Boot Art Contest, however, this campaign will be 3 foot painted soccer balls.
  • The owners of the soccer balls can choose to paint whatever they would like on the soccer balls, or we can connect you with local artist to help get your ideas across.
  • Owners can put them anywhere they would like around the city to help generate buzz about the World Cup bid. There will also be public events around Houston where all the soccer balls will be at once.

Houston’s World Cup Bid Kickoff at 8th Wonder Brewery

On Saturday, April 4, 2020, Houston artist Donkeeboy will paint 8th Wonder’s soccer ball in front of a crowd. All the Art of Soccer balls will be here for this event. A portion of the proceeds from the day will benefit the Houston World Cup Bid Committee. 8th Wonder & The Houston Bid Committee will promote the event on social media.

Recommended local artists that have been briefed on this project:

Harrisburg Arts Museum – Houston
Carlos Alcaraz – Roster includes everyone that has worked on HAM Houston.
(832) 755-5257

Mini Murals Houston
Roster includes everyone that has worked on the traffic boxes around town.
(713) 614-1605

Houston School of Art & Design


Roster includes teachers and long-time students.
(713) 464-2787

Feel free to use anyone you would like: employees, customers, or paint it yourself!

Your donation to the Houston World Cup Bid Committee will directly impact our community through these World Cup legacies!

Safe Places to Play – The U.S. Soccer Foundation has vouched to build 1,000 mini soccer pitches across America by 2026.

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Say people in their community are more active


Say their community feels safer


Say the mini-pitch serves as a community gathering place

Soccer for Success – A free after-school program that teaches kids healthy lifestyle habits and life skills. The three main focus points of Soccer for Success are:

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The program runs 3 times a week for 24 weeks and will teach kids about healthy eating.
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Coach-mentors meet with families regularly to educate parents and guardians about how to nurture their child’s personal growth.
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Along with the fundamentals of soccer, coaches help kids build confidence and recognize the value of hard work, teamwork and persistence.

The Safe Places to Play initiative would build up to 30 mini-pitches around Houston

Package Overview

Assets Description
One Soccer Ball One (1) 3 foot fiberglass soccer ball
(flat bottom, no stand needed) comes ready to paint.
Community Activations Up to five community activations where all the soccer balls will be displayed together at locations such as: Discovery Green, BBVA Stadium, 8th Wonder, etc.
Social Post Houston World Cup Bid social media platforms will promote each individual soccer ball along with any associated contests.
Exclusive Experiences Experiences you can use for rewards, promotions, etc. that include: private tour of BBVA stadium for two (2); lunch with Chris Canetti along with a soccer legend for two (2) guests; two (2) tickets to a Houston Dynamo game.

Learn more about how you can join the Art of Soccer campaign and support our mission to bring the 2026 World Cup to Houston!