Professional Sports Partners

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PSP is no different, but what sets us apart is our team of all stars!

Jason grew up as a regular attendee at Nebraska football games with his dad. Those days fueled his passion for being part of the electric atmosphere that any live sports event can bring. As PSP’s founder, he leads, supports, and oversees everything with his zen-like demeanor. When not working, he’s definitely wrestling with his two boys.


CEO & Head Coach

As the number one draft pick in PSP’s history, Tamara orchestrates. Accuracy, pocket awareness, and leadership are just some of her main traits. A true maestro of making people shine, she’s the heartbeat of our team. Outside PSP, water is Tamara’s haven, whether it’s a pool, beach, river, or lake.


COO & Quarterback

Bill has the legs of a potential professional soccer player. Yet, he chose to remain on the business side, channeling sports’ unmatched passion into tangible brand outcomes. He leads the brand leadership team, ensuring that clients’ goals are not only met but exceeded. When not at PSP, you’ll often spot Bill at local soccer and softball fields, cheering for his two daughters.


Vice President, Brand
Strategy & Goalie

An instinctive and analytical guy, Erik adeptly navigates conversations, often weaving humor into the mix. This approach parallels his role leading PSP’s Business Development department. He spearheads sponsorship sales, where he merges business, marketing, and strategic alignments. When Erik is not selling something, he’s probably supporting his boys at their sporting events. 


Executive Director,
Business Development &
Avid Camper

Meet Rachel, our Live Events extraordinaire. She has a meticulous mind with a knack for seamlessly piecing multiple elements together. Rachel consistently ensures meaningful and successful experiences, all while embracing the fun throughout the process. And when she’s not orchestrating a fantastic event, she’s whipping up something delicious for her family. 


Managing Director,
Live Events & Wannabe Chef

Juan knows a thing or two about performing under the bright lights as a former Wheel of Fortune winner. At PSP, he spearheads all creative endeavors for our clients. His job is to translate brand objectives into compelling stories and visuals people can connect to.

Juan loya

Creative Director & Wheel of Fortune Champion

Ben grew up in a family with enough siblings to populate two full teams for any sport. Coaching staff included. Today he stands as PSP’s expert on all facets of digital media, from social platforms and content to trends and technology. When he’s not harnessing the power of digital channels to generate leads for his clients, you’ll find him taking the lead on the golf course. 


Sr. Director, Digital & Back
Nine Enthusiast

Megan’s passion for sports was ignited during her annual trips to Astros Spring Training in Florida with her dad in the early 2000s. At PSP, she plays a pivotal role in Accounting, Finance & HR. When not immersed in her work, she’s cheering on her kids at their sporting events. 

Megan Gilchrist

Business Operations
Director & Shortstop

Since a tender age, Alicia has been a very competitive participant in several sports. Now, at PSP, her role is to make sure all her clients are primed for substantial victories. She handles the strategy behind every brand partnership under her care, while overseeing day-to-day operations. When she’s not winning herself, she’s cheering on her three young athletes. 


Director, Brand Leadership
& Goal-Scoring Dynamo

Meet Amber, the sweetest person ever to set foot in a boxing ring. Just don’t tell that to her opponents. Within her PSP role, Amber extends clients’ sponsorship teams, playing a crucial role in bringing their goals to life through strategic partnerships. When she’s not at the gym, you can find her at the office. Or is it the other way around?  


Director, Brand Leadership
& Master of Planks

Colleen is the tracker of all trackers, the balancer of big ideas vs. budget, and the questioner of “is that color in brand guidelines?When she’s not embarking on a never-been-done-before mission for a client, she can be found lost (literally) on a hiking trail, arranging closets in the most concerning fashion, or sampling new beers with enthusiasm.


Director, Brand Leadership
& Quidditch Chaser

Phillip has worked across the nation in college athletics but now is his time to shine with the pros! He’s built a playbook full of creative partnership activations (and actual football plays), but it’s his trademark puns that will hit you harder than a pulling guard on a trap play.


Manager, Brand Leadership
& Gridiron Guru

Kristin’s passion for sports ignited while watching unranked Texas A&M defeat #2 Oklahoma in 2002. The thunderous experience shaped her professional path. As Project Manager, Kristin keeps all the marbles in the box, ensuring the team has all the resources to deliver top-tier results for their clients. When not at PSP, you’ll likely find her buying yet another plant for her house.  


Project Manager & Pro

At 14, Matt’s attendance at the Texas Rangers World Series game was transformative, sparking his commitment to the sports realm. Now, at PSP, he’s living that passion. Matt leads new outreach initiatives for sales properties, and all the way to managing fulfillment. Beyond PSP, he’s a fixture at Porch Swing Pub for trivia nights. 


Manager, Business Development &
Closed-Fist High-Fiver

During her time at the University of Texas, Lauren attended enough games to realize that the sports industry was where her heart belonged. At PSP, she manages league relationships, analyzing and tracking performance for every initiative her clients put in place. When she’s not working, Lauren may be seen in the front seats of the coolest concerts in town.


Manager, Brand Leadership & Backstage Headbanger

Heather learned what it takes to be part of a team by playing pro basketball overseas. And that also helped her decide to pursue a career in sports. At PSP, she works closely with clients, ensuring their brands are positioned for success while seeking out new opportunities. When she’s not scoring something big for her clients, she’s playing pickup at a park  


Sr. Brand Leadership
Coordinator & Power

A former pitcher, Nate knows what it takes to grab the ball and close the game. His experience in the bullpen equips him with the finesse needed to build relationships and close sponsorship deals. Armed with a blend of humor and occasional trash talk, he’ll always refer back to Kevin Millar, saying: “Don’t let us win today!”


Sr. Sales Coordinator & High Cheese Thrower

When Amanda shared with her fellow West Virginians that she was moving to Houston to work for PSP, she was told two things: get insect repellent and get ready for some honky-tonk. She plays a key role in social content creation, monitoring performance for several initiatives. In her spare time, she humiliates strangers in the game of trivia. At honky-tonk bars, of course. 


Digital Coordinator & Bar
Trivia Gold Medalist

Callie is a wrestler. If she can fearlessly step into a ring for a deathmatch with heavyweights, just imagine what she can do from her corner at our creative department. As a creative powerhouse, she delivers clean and visually captivating solutions for our clients. When Callie is not designing or punishing an opponent, you’ll likely find her immersed in reading.


Lead Interactive Designer
& Martial Arts Sensei

After seeing Texas A&M’s epic victory over LSU in a thrilling seventh overtime showdown, Rhys knew she wanted to be in Sports Marketing. And she is! At PSP, she takes the reins in offering accounting and HR support and managing administrative office logistics. Beyond her role at PSP, Rhys places great importance on quality moments spent with friends and family.


Manager Business
Operations & Home Run

Erin is a die-hard Texas A&M Football fan even through the pain of often letdowns. Outside of work, she’s always on the go, fueled by coffee traveling around Texas and the country (35 states and counting!) At work, Erin brings her organization and communication skills to the Sales Team as she oversees the contract fulfillment process to ensure our clients receive their assets.


Activation Coordinator &
The 12th Woman

Amanda surveys the whole field and positions our team to ensure every base is covered for our clients. She breaks down contracts to make sure every “i” is dotted and “t” is crossed, providing the legal insight needed to produce a winning partnership.


General Counsel

Raised in basketball––literally––Cathy has been in sports marketing since before she can remember! Keeping in mind the big picture, future opportunities, and long-term possibilities, Cathy has team spirit and an infectious laugh. At the same time, she reminds PSP to keep an eye on the ball, no matter what.



Hayley Robic Teammate Award

Hayley Robic was an instrumental and impactful part of PSP. Her commitment, determination, warmth, and compassion are embedded in what we do. We strive to honor her memory in not only our work, but in our daily interactions with clients, teammates, family, and friends.

Each year, PSP recognizes a teammate who exemplifies the traits that Hayley brought day in and day out with the Hayley Robic Award, which includes a donation to a non-profit of the recipient’s choosing.

Past Winners:

  • 2021 – Amber Sellers
  • 2022 – Colleen O’Mara
  • 2023 – Mimi Boneta

2024 – Heather Prowse