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Our Team Colors

Throughout the world, sports capture our imagination, attention and allow us to share our passion. More importantly, sports transcend differences and have become the great connector of our time.

From your first game with mom and dad as a kid, to celebrating a victory by hugging complete strangers who are now your friends. Or the Olympics and World Cup where the world all of a sudden seems like a very small place. Everyone has a story for what sports means to them.

The business of sports is a complex industry but one with a major opportunity. Leveraging the passion and turning that fan into your customer is no easy feat. That’s where PSP comes in. We are a team of experts at top of our game, with the most up to date knowledge of sports marketing trends and a healthy combination of out-of-the-box creative, all in effort to elevate the fan experience.

Deep Bench

PSP is part of the Lopez Negrete holding group, which includes a family of three other agencies.

Founded in 1985, Lopez Negrete Communications is the largest independently owned and operated Hispanic full-service agency in the United States, with an impressive roster of national, blue chip clients. With national headquarters in Houston and offices in Los Angeles, LNC has a rich history of award winning advertising and a full range of marketing expertise.

Tippit & Moo, the creative agency born to cut hierarchies to a minimum while passing efficiencies and cost savings onto clients. It was bred to reach the total market consumer. The staff, ad pros and veterans in every discipline, has worked at shops big and small, Hispanic and General Market, on both coasts in the U.S., North America and the Caribbean. As they like to say, they are a new breed of mooers and shakers.

ZapBoomBang, our in-house, five-studio recording and post-production facility with offline/online video and sound production capabilities. Possibly one of the most modern studios in the country, unquestionably one of the most beautiful, it maintains a permanent staff of superstar editors and producers that can turn project around on a dime.

Major services we offer clients:

Strategic Planning:

  • Sponsorship Sales Consulting
  • Naming Rights/Entitlement Consulting
  • Sponsorship Valuation
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Brand Consulting
  • Fan Behavior
  • Partnership Measurement
  • League Development


  • On & Off Premise Promotions
  • Campaign Development & Execution
  • Social Media Management
  • Website Management & Development
  • Creative Services
  • Event Management
  • Creative Asset Management
  • Experiential Programming
  • Fan to Consumer Conversion
  • Sponsorship Package Evaluation
  • Measurement & ROI Analytics
  • Hospitality


Professional Sports Partners
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