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Ten Years of Re-Imagining Sports and Challenging the Status Quo
September 20, 2022
PSP hosts first Partnership Marketing Summit
November 10, 2023
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Live events are the backbone of sports and entertainment to shape our culture.  Where else do 70,000 people from all walks of life find commonality?  No matter where you come from, you are literally singing the same song.  Or better yet, hugging a complete stranger who is now a friend. 

The business of live events can be complex as steps must come together before, during and after in order to create memories that last a lifetime.  And, in a post-pandemic era, additional layers have added to that complexity.  That’s where PSP comes in. We have a team of experts in the marketing and live events space with a long history of taking the stories of brands, companies and organizations to connect with customers, consumers and clients. 

PSP Events focuses on engagement, from programming to production as well as experiential marketing.  We look to take your vision and make it a reality – something tangible, unique, profitable and memorable.  

Last summer, PSP led the live events for the Ones Basketball League, a 1-on-1 league founded by Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady.  From creating a vision to executing the full event production, PSP played a significant role in the development of this league from scratch and proving a concept.  That’s just one example.  

Leading the charge for PSP Events will be a seasoned pro.  Rachel Quan has created a career in live events across the country, both small and large.  Or, in the case of the Final Four, really large!  Rachel is currently leading as Vice President of External Operations for the 2023 NCAA Men’s Final Four Houston Local Organizing Committee.  

Rachel’s background in production and events began as a Festival Director and then the National Director of Production and Arrangements for an international non-profit, first overseeing one of their largest festivals to date in Houston and then going on to manage production in other festival cities.   She went on to oversee various large-scale events and conferences for a myriad of clients including the Vice President of External Operations for the 2011 and 2016 NCAA Men’s Final Fours in Houston and on the NCAA side of the events, overseeing event marketing for the 2018 and the 2022 Men’s Final Fours. Rachel made a name for herself in the large event space – including concerts, corporate conferences, sporting events, stadium events and large outdoor festivals.  

“The pandemic was a challenge for live events and forced our industry to re-think the possibilities for the future.  Live events are not going anywhere and will continue to connect people,” said Rachel Quan.  “That’s what we want to tap into.  Creating unique events in a professional manner that current and future fans can put their arms around.  We are excited for what’s to come in this space.”

“PSP crossed the 10-year mark of our business in 2022 with a focus on re-imagining sports and entertainment with our clients.  As we look to the future, that includes more live events in all facets,” said Jason Kohll, CEO, Professional Sports Partners.  “And we cannot think of anyone better to lead us than Rachel Quan.  Her authentic approach to live events has carried her career and her reputation in this space is unmatched.”