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Las Vegas Lights FC’s Season Kicks Off Through Jersey Rights Partnership with Digital Currency Machine Company Coin Cloud
March 10, 2022
Introducing PSP Events
February 14, 2023
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Linsanity captured the world’s imagination, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up! Jersey patches, crypto and sports betting in the U.S. were not even on the radar. It was 2012, and I still had a Blackberry (which is missed 😢). But for PSP, it’s a year that will always be special – our agency was born 10 years ago this month!

A lot has happened in a decade: we’ve worked with hundreds of clients, been a part of bringing the world’s largest events to life, partnered with international stars. It’s been hard, fun, gratifying, stressful, but most importantly together we’ve built something very special. An agency that treasures relationships, doesn’t back down from a challenge, pushes the envelope and understands how to mine the incredible value from within sports & entertainment.

One thing’s for sure, change will come even more rapidly over the next 10 years. Viewing habits are evolving daily, new leagues/events/sports are emerging, technology is bringing us all closer to the game.  Meanwhile, sports and live events will dominate. That’s our space, we will evolve and continue to lead in it.

We put together a special anniversary episode of our podcast, talking to a few of PSP’s early adopters and swapping some stories that we’ve accumulated over the past decade. Take a listen here, or search for Going For It! wherever you listen to podcasts. And if you’re thinking of a PSP memory or story, I’d love to hear it – we’re in a very reminiscent mood right now over here!

To our clients and friends, thank you! To our team members, you are the best! And I cannot write this note without thanking Alex & Cathy Lopez Negrete for believing in the vision from day one and being great partners. And our COO, Tamara Lupo, whose knowledge, diligence and love are something to behold. I’m proud to be team PSP, proud of our journey and pumped about where we are going.

Jason Kohll
Professional Sports Partners